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Tough to Treat

Aug 30, 2018

Now, this is a CHALLENGING one! Ever have those patients who have been everywhere, had everything done to them (injections, surgeries, acupuncture) and nothing helped? Well, this is your lucky day because this episode really takes us down the chain from head to toe with someone who had low back pain. Pretty...

Aug 16, 2018

This episode centers on the unique exam findings and interventions for a young dancer with diagnosed tendonitis. The challenge in this case was to look closer at the functional movement patterns to find where the movement pattern breaks down.

Aug 2, 2018

Does every low back pain or pelvic girdle patient get the same exercise progression? Let's hope not!! One size does not fit all here. The keys to progressing a patient to a more optimal movement pattern lie in the specificity of an exercise progression. Exercising the wrong muscle group will not help but can...