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Tough to Treat

Oct 31, 2019

Failed epidurals, back surgery and you still have buttock pain along with foot pain. Why? We all know back surgery is not always the answer, but why would someone's symptoms persist after all these interventions? Why would walking barefoot in the sand make this person feel better? Is the strategy different or is the...

Oct 17, 2019

Join us on this podcast as we work through the differentials of this complex post-partum client with the onset of elbow joint pain. Issues that have become so problematic, it's interfering with her sleep. Is it the elbow or the cervical spine - or neural tension?

Oct 3, 2019

How does someone who has had 4 sessions of PT somewhere else become complex? The answer: She got the wrong treatment. And what happened? It sensitized her nervous system to the point that she was afraid that she was never going to get better. Ever hear of less is more? If you intervene at the right time with the...