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Tough to Treat

Jun 30, 2022

Can you find clues in your patient's narrative that will help you find the driver quicker? Make your assessment more efficient and save you time? Think about someone's movement and injury history and how that can be relevant to their current symptoms. Their initial injuries will SET THEM UP for compensatory...

Jun 23, 2022

Success=picking the best functional movement to assess with your patient.   Can you imagine shaving minutes off of your initial evaluation time? And at the same time, connecting with your patient in a way that not only increases the therapeutic alliance but will help you find the driver quicker.  

A glance at this...

Jun 16, 2022

Erica and Susan discuss in this podcast how treating the left hip as well as the left side of the low back, got rid of this young golfer’s knee pain. A functional and interactive evaluation really hones in on where the true source of his knee pain lies.

Assessing center of mass (COM) here is crucial. Think about golf,...