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Tough to Treat

Jul 20, 2023

Have you ever had patients with "diagnoses" of labral tears on MR only to find out that the hip was not the driver? 

Of course, you have. 

In this short episode, Erica responds to a case sent in from one of the listeners regarding persistent hip pain. 

She asks Erica what would be important to look at and how to proceed with the information at her disposal. 

There was not a lot of background on this case; so listen as she highlights what's important to rule in and rule out. 

Rule out the systemic and chemical drivers. Visceral issues, blood flow disruption, and connective tissue damage all need to get ruled out. 

Then look at the connections between the regions of the body- rule out the foot, rule out the thorax. These are 2 VERY common regions of adaptation to hip labral tears. 

Don't get fooled into treating the pain generator, unless it's the driver, which it usually is not in the persistent cases.


A glance at this episode:

  • [2:13] The patient’s history of hip pain

  • [4:08] What you want to look at in this case

  • [6:18] Hip injury assessment

  • [7:57] The GI system and its relationship to symptoms

  • [9:47] Imaging, gait analysis-other tools

  • [11:55] Diagnostics for hip and foot pain

  • [14:15] Clinical assessment of the hip

  • [16:20] How you flag chemical drivers 

  • [19:02] Functional movement patterns 


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