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Tough to Treat

Jun 1, 2023

Does stretching work when a muscle is over-recruited? 


Not if you don't change the movement pattern. 


This is an excellent follow-up to episode #162, showing how you clinically reason through another weightlifting injury. 


Join Susan and Erica as they discuss a patient who sustained a shoulder/neck injury during a "basic" tricep extension exercise. 


The main takeaways are twofold: You must assess the connections between the 2 drivers and treating one region alone will not improve this patient's symptoms. 




Because if you look at his mechanism of injury plus his old movement history as a rower, you will understand that these connections exist and why one region was more dominant, depending if it was OKC or CKC. 




A glance at this episode:

  • [3:01] Physical therapy for a hip injury

  • [6:29] Looking at the head and neck area

  • [12:58] Lumbar spine rotation and compression fracture

  • [15:58] Understanding the movement pattern

  • [19:50] Treating both areas of the body

  • [26:20] Sensory input to the joints

  • [32:23] The best way to recruit deep muscles


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