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Tough to Treat

Feb 23, 2023

Many of our episodes have included clients on the hypermobile end of the spectrum with a stiff thorax. 

How do you balance increasing thorax movement around a hypermobile shoulder girdle region? 

How do you use some sound clinical reasoning to design an exercise program that can bring motor control to the shoulder girdle and improve thoracic mobility? 

Join us as we bring this clinical scenario to light with the rehab program of an archer complaining of a stiff neck and inability to increase power! 

This case involves the neurological, musculoskeletal, respiratory, and central nervous systems to make meaningful changes. A full approach to looking at the gaze and the upper CV joints, adding breath for the thorax, and an interesting motor control program are discussed in the light of clinical reasoning.


A glance at this episode:

  • [3:10] Patient’s history and current condition

  • [7:10] Upper cervical stiffness

  • [10:05] Joint stiffness

  • [11:48] Shoulder stabilization exercise

  • [15:05] Changes of the thoracic motion

  • [19:15] Kneeling to reconnect the ocular reflex

  • [23:42] Practice makes permanent but not perfect


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