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Tough to Treat

May 11, 2023

What is the referral pattern for the Trigeminal System?  


What does that mean for our clients?  


The cervical nucleus of the trigeminal system can have profound effects on multi-body symptoms 


Join Susan as she describes this unique and vital phenomenon.


A glance at this episode:

  • [1:45] Trigeminal system as a sensory experience

  • [3:06] The interconnecting cranial nerves

  • [3:51] How the trigeminal system affects the voice

  • [5:17] Trigeminal ganglion and the spinal nucleus

  • [7:54] How to bring your heart rate down

  • [8:31] Trigeminal system and tooth pain

  • [10:32] Lateral spinal thalamic track and ventral trigeminal limb

  • [12:28] Convergence of the trigeminal nerve

  • [14:02] How chewing gum impacts the sympathetic nervous system


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