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Tough to Treat

Oct 26, 2023

In this episode, Susan and Erica welcome Darcie Pervier to the mic! 

Darcie is a pelvic health and orthopedic PT who practices a fully integrative approach to complex client care. Susan, Erica, and Darcie really delve into "brainstorming" various aspects of examination and intervention in connecting some dots on this...

Oct 19, 2023

This episode captures a critical aspect of integrating sensory and motor aspects of colorectal rehab from constipation and IBS to fecal incontinence. 

The information is categorized under the hyposensitive vs. the hypersensitive quality of symptoms and the motor control from decreased muscle capacity, tissue quality,...

Oct 12, 2023

In this episode, Erica and Susan welcome Julia Rosenthal to the mic. 

Julia is a physical therapist in NYC. She brings a complex case of a postpartum patient of hers who has symptoms of urinary incontinence as well as other bowel and bladder issues that were made worse after giving birth. 

The patient is a personal...

Oct 5, 2023

How do you increase patient compliance with their exercise program? 

This can be very frustrating for both the therapist and the patient. 

In this shortie episode, Erica discusses how she helps keep her patients on track with their movement program. 

She often says, "If it's not trialed, then the chances of your patient...