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Tough to Treat

May 18, 2023

Where do you start with a client with complex regional pain that has full-body implications?


Listen to their story, look for the change talk, and gain active participation by allowing them to lead the way in a judgment-free zone.


Sometimes, clients know what they need to do, they just don't know how to implement the changes and find simple action steps. 


Join us as we talk about this interesting case of a surgeon hijacked by his work environment, which has accumulated several body system symptoms from GI dysfunction, neural tension, pain, and pressure system dysfunction. 


This starts with simple action steps and progresses to a complete lifestyle change.


A glance at this episode:

  • [1:58] What does microsurgery look like

  • [4:52] How to deal with the pain of surgery

  • [10:14] Looking at the problem in this case

  • [13:01] Breathing to relieve neural tension

  • [15:37] Rolling a towel method

  • [22:16] Solving the problem of constipation

  • [22:25] Tai Chi pros and cons

  • [31:00] Tennis balls and headstands


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