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Tough to Treat

Nov 30, 2023

Why doesn't my groin pain go away? 

When someone is an athlete, you must understand what regions of the body are challenged with their sport. With soccer, you think of the thorax, foot, hip, and pelvis from the get-go. 

Listen in as Erica discusses the movement she and her patient chose to assess and what they discovered. 

Short-term treatment of someone's symptomatic region may help in the short term, but getting them back in the game is another matter entirely. When a person has an issue with a long lever movement like kicking a soccer ball, recognize and respect the length-tension relationships of the muscles involved in the movement, like how someone's lack of adductor power can stem from an overactive posterior tibialis muscle.


A glance at this episode:

  • [4:05] Prioritizing physical therapy treatment based on specific sport and movement patterns

  • [7:19] How to choose an appropriate movement pattern that is relevant to the patient yet specific to their sport

  • [11:07] Where is the non-optimal patterning?  In the set up to the shot or in the kick?

  • [15:21] Improving athletic performance through training optimal movement patterns


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