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Tough to Treat

Apr 6, 2023

Answer: A dominant movement pattern that is the same across all this patient's activities. 

No 1- weightlifters brace and dump their shoulder blades when they rack squat. A very common pattern for this movement, especially when you are lifting over #200 +. 

The problem is when this becomes dominant for all movements. 

Healthy systems need choices, plural. The nervous system then grades the strategy depending on the movement and load needed. 

What happens when someone uses this strategy to pole dance? 

No 2-a rigid thorax does not serve here. The main impairment in our clinical practice is not a stiff thoracic spine but one with a loss of control. 

Imagine that? 

How does that transcend into low back pain? 

Listen in as Erica and Susan discuss how to down train this common problem and give this patient more choices for optimal movement.


A glance at this episode:

  • [8:24] Stretching and why it isn't helpful here

  • [13:11] Movement options at home

  • [17:04] The importance of hands-on work and the wall squat

  • [21:28] Abdominal synergy

  • [25:21] The diaphragm and what it takes to move well

  • [30:58] Connections to the neck

  • [35:00] Adaptation for athletes with lower back pain


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